Welcoming - Volunteer Role


  • Create and share welcome messages with new Volunteers.
  • Encourage and chase volunteers to fill out their profiles.
  • Follow up and track to make sure new volunteers know how to post progress updates.

• Manage / use public email account (hello.placetogrow@gmail.com).

Requirements: Friendly, Social, Good Communicator

Awards - Volunteer Role


  • Announce to the team when an officer has achieved a badge.
  • Print and manage badge stock. Monitor and check in regularly with Volunteers to see if badges have been achieved.  Improve award types and variety.
  • Report on number of badges issued, overall team successes, #s.

Requirements: Friendly, Social, Good Communicator

Manage Interns - Volunteer Activity


  • Send intern packages before arrival, then meet, greet, and brief interns on roles and responsibilities on arrival.
  • Liase with intern and intern sponsors via email and in person to ensure an ongoing smooth experience and operation.
  • Track activities, tasks, and outcomes. Included measurable successes and narrative report from intern in final report. 

Requirements: Good Communicator, Experience with Direction

Show Appreciation - Volunteer Activity


  • Track and record contributions from all Volunteers, Partners and Sponsors at workshops and team events.
  • Request and collect pictures, video or text – share thank you's showing contributions and share with the contributor after event.
  • Report on number of thankyou's and total contributions.

Requirements: Good Communicator

Internal Communications - Volunteer Activity


  • Ensure internal social media is setup and operating smoothly.
  • Encourage volunteers to post their achievements and activities and needs for help here.
  • Report on total posts, usage, and ways for improvement.

Requirements: Good Communicator, Enjoy Sharing