Summer Festival - Volunteer Travel Plans

Please share the following information about your travel plans for the 29th/30th weekend, so we can accommodate you into group activities.

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Sizes are all JP sizes.
Fee is ¥1,000 per adult, ¥500 per child.
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General Event Information


Place to Grow, J&J, Stuart-O
@MSR Summer Festival 2017


What: We are joining the Minami Sanriku Summer Festival
Who: Hosted by Stuart-O, and Johnson & Johnson, in conjunction with Place to Grow
Where: Saturday, July 29th
Time: 11:00 - 22:00

Format - 2 Booths

• Booth #1 with arts & crafts.
• Booth #2 One with (A) Stuart-O dressed as a giant soccer ball, playing table soccer with kids and other volunteers.


• Provide a fun and lively environment for children to interact with international/domestic volunteers.
• Participate in the activity alongside children that can use their English while volunteers build connections to MSR and teach children simple English words related to the activity.
• Help parents with little children
• Help foster community among participants
• Raise awareness about Place to Grow
• Collect contact information of people interested in future workshops



3 dorm rooms have been reserved.  Please bring:
• Bath towel & face towel
• Nightwear (Towels and yukatas are available to rent from at the front desk for a small fee)


11:30 - Vendors ready to begin
Noon - Festival begins
14:30 - Approximate time.  “Tokoyassai” Dance Contest around venue (50 mins long)
19:45  - Fireworks (for 1 hr)
21:00 - Festival ends, clean up (organizers said it will go until midnight)

Communication and expression through art, dance and sport.


〒986-0700 Miyagi-ken, Motoyoshi-gun
Minamisanriku-cho, Shizugawa, Minamimachi−34