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Can you help to spread Christmas cheer to the kids of Miyagi and Fukushima?


Place To Grow -- a locally founded and driven NGO -- will make 1,500 Christmas cards and stockings, fill the stockings with gifts, and deliver them to kids in forgotten disaster areas across Tohoku.  But you can make the difference for us this year.


You can choose to

  • Help us make the Christmas cards
  • Contribute gifts to put in the Christmas stockings for children of varying ages
  • Or simply get your friends, families, or colleagues together to make and sell cakes, cookies, hot chocolate, and lemonade or run 5 km or do some other fun and rewarding fund raiser


Your organisation could get its very own Santa Soul Train video and promotional materials.  You could earn yourself a seat on the Santa Soul Train and an invitation to Tohoku.  And whichever way you choose to help, we will invite you to the Impact Report event to be held at the Tokyo Midtown Oakwood lounge early next year.


The Santa Soul Train is an inspiring full-weekend Christmas event that has an incredibly positive impact on kids and their communities in Tohoku.  You can be part of it -- please help us make it amazing.


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Watch our Santa Soul Train 2016 highlights video.


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