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500 holiday stockings and cards are needed for children in both Fukushima and Miyagi.

The Santa Soul Train holiday reunion is one in a series of community workshops and events held by Place To Grow, for children and families recovering from earthquakes and disasters. This is our 7th year working with the community of Minamisanriku cho and our first year to collaborate in Fukushima. We are excited to be moving to Fukushima this year.

If you’ve worked in the world of supporting recovery, you know the age-old challenges manifested in dependency: depression and victimization.  

These silent emotional impacts, escalating to suicide, stemming from broken communities are the real long-term tragedy.  What survivors face today, now, in Tohoku, is a never-ending rebuilding process – physical and emotional. Areas that have invited evacuees from destroyed towns are struggling to create a new united community. If left alone, families disengage, fathers and mothers lose hope, despair grows, reclusive living increases.

This year’s Santa Soul Train is so important. It's so important to continue to be there and to stand with survivors, rooting them on, providing inspiration and friendship.
To pull off a 7th Santa Soul Train, we need your help. We need you to BE a secret santa this year, and donate. Sponsor a child’s stocking for the holiday season at 3,000yen per child, or BE an ambassador of this project and give 10 children a stocking and access to a festival that will warm their hearts, lift their spirits and remind them that they are not alone.


Can you help to spread Christmas cheer to the kids of Miyagi and Fukushima?

Place To Grow -- an ex-pat founded and driven NGO -- is aiming to make 1,500 Christmas cards and stockings, fill them with gifts, and deliver them to kids in forgotten disaster areas in Tohoku. And we need your help to do it!

Whether you are a company or an individual, please consider
• helping us to make Christmas cards
• sponsoring a child a 3,000 yen gift-packed stocking for Christmas
• contributing gifts to put in Christmas stockings for children
• donating through one of our corporate sponsor packages

You can be a Secret Santa for as little as 3,000 yen or make a corporate donation of 500,000 yen or contribute in kind through donations of gifts from employees and families.

We will promote your organisation's logo and name. You could even earn yourself a seat on the Santa Soul Train and invitation to Tohoku. And we will invite you to the Impact Report event to be held at the Tokyo Midtown Oakwood lounge early next year.

The Santa Soul Train is an inspiring full-weekend Christmas event that has an incredibly positive impact on kids and their communities in Tohoku. Please help us make it happen.

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