PTG Summary #1



Place to Grow is a non-profit organization which helps with aiding post-disaster communities. They place value not only on supplying temporary relief, but more importantly on long term recovery, through building communities, providing opportunities, and “bringing an explosive energy” (PTG) to wherever it is needed.  Place to Grow participates actively engage in several events and workshops year round in order to preserve their mission of sustainable service, specifically in the Tohoku area, which was devastated by the earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011. One major event, run during the holiday season, is the Santa Soul Train project. This will be it’s 7th annual event, and will bring over 50 volunteers from countries all over the globe, along with 500+ survivors, to participate in community festivals in the Tohoku region. The goal of this event, along with bringing Christmas gifts, is to build and strengthen community, and to celebrate what it feels like to be empowered. Place to Grow has been very successful in the past, and will continue to thrive in sustainable aid through core values of inspiration and community.


Place to Grow (PTG) is an NGO that brings together communities that have encountered tough times in the past and works to inspire and create hope for the greater community. Focused in Japan, Place to Grow hosts a variety of workshops with the aim of long-term recovery through the power of connection. For people who are unsure about their future, Place to Grow works on rebuilding and supporting recovery efforts long term in order to restore self-sustaining communities. Place to Grow strives to be the NGO that reminds people that they are not alone.  One of the major events PTG hosts each year is called Santa Soul Train. The aim of this event is to bring holiday cheer and connection to places affected by the 3/11 earthquake. Last year, travelling around the Minami Sanriku area,  PTG delivered 1200 gifts and cards to children and hosted an inspiring performance for volunteers and survivors. By bringing communities together and working towards long term recovery, Place to Grow continues to inspire and impact the community around them.